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Today, most organizations have traditional mainframe computing and open client/server environments spreading enterprise information between them.  Mainframe environments are scaleable, extremely fast and stable yet the methods for accessing its data stores can be outdated.   Whereas client/server environments are easily accessible with a multitude of tools but are not as robust as the mainframes they seek to replace.  InterPlex solutions supply the glue to unite the mainframe and client/server environments while utilizing the benefits inherent in both environments.

InterPlex SQL

With any deployment of our software, senior database engineers will come to your site, install the software, help you set up the initial database views or whatever your application requires be done, and will thoroughly train your administrators and users on the function of the software - this is usually accomplished within 5 business days.  

InterPlex PC

InterPlex PC provides a windows software package that supplies native UTS terminal emulation to the Unisys ClearPath OS2200 mainframes.


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