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Today, most SQL is a Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 mainframe software product that supplies an important capability for accessing an enterprise's information databases.  InterPlex SQL is the core component in the InterPlex product suite and is installed on the Unisys mainframe.  This software is used to present your DMS data in a relational format and provides access using ANSI SQL to query, update, insert and delete mainframe data.  All of the InterPlex Enterprise Gateways require that the core InterPlex SQL component be installed on each targeted mainframe.  InterPlex SQL, in conjunction with InterPlex enterprise gateways, also will support your company's efforts to supply employees or customers with Internet access to Unisys mainframe information.  


The implementation procedures for InterPlex SQL consist of installation on the Unisys mainframe.  Identify the target legacy data source for inclusion into InterPlex SQL.    A target data source may be a single DMS schema and subschema or it may be the entire catalog of schemas.  Other target data sources that may be included are PCIOS and TIP files.   InterPlex SQL has an automated data analysis utility that will examine the targeted data sources and insert or update information into the InterPlex repository concerning the type, access method, individual field attributes and available relationships between data items.  Other capabilities allow for setup of the application groups, data access groups and user identification profiles that supply a compartmentalized view of the data sources for further enhancement of security.  Now relational tables can be defined using the Unisys data stores and made available for SQL processing.  All of the implementation, maintenance, and SQL table setup are handled with the InterPlex Administration wizard.

Enterprise Gateways

Within a company's computer network, there may be many different types of hardware and operating systems. To support a company's decision or business processes when information is stored in a variety of databases requires gateways to retrieve data from all the heterogeneous databases.  A gateway, by definition, is an application that implements protocols to exchange information between a server and an otherwise incompatible target system.  The InterPlex Enterprise Gateway servers are a set of processes that allows one or more foreign DataServers to access the Unisys DMS databases and other data files.  These DataServers are iWay's EDA Server, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Enterworks software.   The client application that accesses the Unisys DMS database through the InterPlex gateway can be any client application that normally interacts with the selected DataServer.   One of the more versatile client applications to access the Unisys data stores using InterPlex is the HTML or Java code of a Web based application.

The setup for the gateway is as straightforward as installing and configuring the InterPlex SQL mainframe software, placing a DataServer in your network and creating the appropriate database link to point to the node that represent the Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 DMS database.   When accessing data from the "Unisys NODE", the syntax and availability of the data is determined by the DataServer's database engine. If all criteria are satisfied, the DataServer will attempt to access the data in the database.  At this point, a remote procedure will be executed and the real data will be retrieved from the Unisys via the InterPlex Enterprise gateway components.   With this transparency a user or programmer can use the DataServer's tools to seamlessly access and update data on a Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200.

DB Administrator

InterPlex Administrator allows the site DBA the capability to setup and maintain the Unisys mainframe InterPlex SQL product from a P/C running Windows.  Usually the InterPlex SQL DBA would be the same person(s) who maintains the Unisys DMS and the remote relational databases (MS SQL, Oracle, Informix, etc.). 

All functionality of the InterPlex SQL is controlled via this administrator.   The targeted data sources on the Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 are identified and stored on the mainframe in the InterPlex SQL repository via the InterPlex Administrator.   Analysis or re-analysis, if a schema or data file has changed, of a data source is controlled using this tool.  When the analysis function is invoked, the InterPlex Administrator will invoke a Unisys batch job to perform the parsing and interpretation of the data source and update the InterPlex SQL repository on the mainframe.   Other functions, such as application, group, user and SQL table maintenance are performed in a real-time mode. 

Other helpful features included in the InterPlex Administrator is a verbose Help subsystem which includes a useful tutorial, automatic generation of fast access procedures, a table creation wizard to assist in SQL Table setup, data name and alias name generator for DMS and other data file items.  Another helpful feature is the enhanced graphic display of DMS schemas and subschemas registered in the InterPlex SQL mainframe product.  The capability to graphically display the schematic objects of a DMS hierarchical database allows the user to more easily define DMS SQL tables used by the InterPlex SQL product. 

The InterPlex ODBC driver is used to perform all of the administrative functions associated with InterPlex SQL.  The ODBC driver was installed as part of the overall installation of the InterPlex DB Administration tool.

InterPlex PC

InterPlex PC provides a Microsoft windows software package that supplies native UTS terminal emulation to the Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 mainframes over any transport connection via HLCs or DCPs using CMS or CPCOM.  Also TELNET services are available for accessing various hosts on your network.  Multiple sessions and hosts may be open and active at the same time.  Other features include personal keyboard coding, programmable function keys for often-used commands, scrollable Demand and VT220 sessions, and an extensive help facility.  This robust and efficient emulator is not only easy to configure and use but is extremely fast with little overhead on your PC processor, memory or network.


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