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The InterPlex-PC software for Microsoft Windows is the most robust and advanced product in its class. It provides Unisys mainframe access over virtually any transport for the purpose of UTS terminal emulation, file transfers, print services and application program interfaces. On-line help, available from anywhere in the program insures that end-users can be quickly productive. Also, TELNET services are available for accessing various hosts on your network.

Terminal Emulation

  • UTS 20, 40, 60:   PC connects to Unisys 1100/2200 as a UTS Synchronous Terminal device.

  • VT100,220:   PC connects to any server as an asynchronous VT device.

  • Multiple Sessions and Windows:   Allows concurrent opening of unlimited session windows (local and remote). The user has the ability to "hot-key" between the sessions.

  • Fonts and Colors per window:  Change the screen text and background colors to your favorites.   Each window can have different colors at the same time.

  • User Programmable keyboard. Display a keyboard map showing both the function and key sequence you need to enter in order to accomplish that function.  Modify the key sequences according to your preferences.

  • "Short-cut" Function Keys. Create unique key sequences for a variety of commands.

  • Built in wizards simplify the configuration process.

System Requirements
  • With our advanced InterPlex design and implementation, InterPlex-PC uses minimum amount of system resource to manage its sessions. It allows users to open unlimited number of session windows to any number of UTS or VT hosts on the network.

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 7.


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