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  InterPlex SQL


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InterPlex SQL

InterPlex SQL is a Unisys ClearPath OS2200 Mainframe software product that supplies SQL/ODBC access to DMS and PCIOS data sources.  InterPlex SQL provides you with open access to your enterprise data while bridging the gap between legacy and client/server systems unlocking the potential of your enterprise data.


  • Supplies transparent and interoperability with off-the-shelf software providing rapid, easy, and creative information presentation. The addition of InterPlex SQL is transparent to your existing environment.

  • High performance and secure, provides a real time distributed SQL relational view of the legacy Unisys databases, to display, modify and manipulate.

  • Uses your existing schemas without change and operates against the DMS and PCIOS data currently in your databases.  There is no changes necessary to your applications and no programming required in the OS2200 environment.


InterPlex-SQL deployment consists of at least three components.  On each OS2200 mainframe where there is DMS/PCIOS data to be accessed, there is an installation of the core InterPlex-SQL software.  Somewhere in your network there is at least one instance of the Dataserver software, supplying access to a network RDBMS, such as Oracle or SQL Server.  Then, there is at least one PC based InterPlex Database Administrator installation, and there can be many, where users can view graphically the Unisys data sources and select fields and data and set up SQL calls, views and the like.  We will custom create for you a Solution Set that fits your needs and application utilizing these components. 

Sample Configuration of InterPlex SQL

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