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Open Access to Legacy Data

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InterPlex SQL Solutions


  • Provides SQL relational access to Unisys DMS and PCIOS data sources.
  • Permits your Oracle RDMS and application to access, display, manipulate, and even modify the mainframe data.
  • Flexible communications utilizing industry standard TCP/IP.
  • Client/Server application development.
  • Intermix data residing network wide on multiple & heterogeneous systems in new applications.
  • Migrate and transition data to new systems.
InterPlex Configuration and Placement of Modules

InterPlex SQL Applications

Web Enablement
Allows web-enabling of Unisys OS 2200 data via any ODBC compliant web development tool for intranet/internet applications, quickly and simply via GUI based selections.

Direct Client Access
Using standard desktop tools, such as Access or Excel, your users can have immediate access to Unisys mainframe data for queries or reporting, without mainframe programming.

Enterprise Gateway Server
Connect quickly and efficiently Unisys data sources to Information Builder's iWay EDA Server, WebFocus and Oracle databases, among many others, without programming.

Migration and Porting
Provides DMS, RDMS, and PCIOS data migration and porting tools via industry-standard SQL/ODBC views and calls to facilitate moving to another RDBMS.

Web Enablement

  • Offers an effective, secure means to incorporate legacy mainframe data and services with P/C's and Microsoft and Unix servers, via easy to use graphical user interfaces.

  • InterPlex SQL does not require changes to your existing database structures and operates against the data currently in your database.

  • Whether supplying enterprise data to users on your organization's Intranet or the general audiences browsing on the world wide web, the mainframe data will be current and there is no need for costly warehouse duplication of data.

All these products operate in the Unisys environment and supply data connectivity via various interfaces including server based databases as well as PC-based products conforming to the Microsoft ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) standard. ANSI SQL requests, issued from LAN's, PC's, or UNIX servers or workstations, are processed against the Unisys DMS databases and other data files. PC-users of Windows products such as Microsoft Access are able to have direct SQL access to the Unisys data sources. InterPlex SQL builds internal tables that control DMS and other Unisys ClearPath 2200 data source accesses. To insure data integrity, InterPlex SQL processes all accesses through the Unisys Database Executive (DMR).

Direct Client Access

  • Provides the missing link to SQL and ODBC for open client/server tools such as MS Office, MS Query,Visual Basic & C++.

  • Supplies end user Ad-Hoc query capabilities without the need for custom programming.

  • Offers an effective, secure means to incorporate legacy mainframe data and services with P/C's and Unix servers, via easy to use graphical user interfaces.

The Unisys ClearPath databases, which is at the core of your mainframe application systems, can become the data sources for your new client/server development. The mainframe is an extremely stable and scaleable environment with robust resources but lacks the highly graphical user interfaces that are demanded by modern users. Users now demand the superior presentation qualities of graphical user interfaces and the local processing that is characteristic of the client/server model. InterPlex SQL can bring these capabilities to your new applications that operate against your core enterprise data. End users using virtually any common Windows-based desktop toolset can have direct, immediate access to mainframe data empowering your decision-makers without need for custom programming.

Enterprise Gateway Server

  • Provides integrated information by supporting interoperability between legacy mainframe data and distributed databases.

  • Keep your RDBMS' databases current with real time data access and location transparency by use of triggers, synonyms, procedures and database links.

  • Using products such as IBI EDA Server and Oracle, Unisys and non-Unisys databases can be seamlessly integrated, providing data location transparency to applications and end users.

The InterPlex Enterprise gateway allows access from various data servers to the Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 file structures. These data servers are, but not limited to, Oracle and Information Builder's EDA Server. The setup for the gateway is as simple as installing and configuring the InterPlex SQL mainframe software, placing a DataServer in your network and creating the appropriate database link to point to the node that represent the Unisys ClearPath IX data sources. When accessing data from the "Unisys NODE", the syntax and availability of the data is determined by the DataServer's database . If all criteria are satisfied, the DataServer will attempt to access the data in the database. At this point, a remote procedure will be executed and the real data will be retrieved from the Unisys via the InterPlex Enterprise products. With this transparency a user or programmer can use the DataServer's tools to seamlessly access and update data on a Unisys ClearPath. The combination of an InterPlex Enterprise gateway and a DataServer will transform your Unisys data sources into a network database node. This transformation allows you to use the DataServer's tools and development products to create applications without regard to the location of the data. this transparency, data may reside on a Unisys DMS database one day, but be ported to another DataServer's database overnight.If you use these transparency methods, your applications will not need modification or regeneration and end users will not need to be retrained.In fact, your user community will not be affected, in any way, by the location of the data and database performance will be preserved.

Migration and Porting

  • Allows rapid deployment and modernization of new applications.

  • Provides the capabilities to expand access to your enterprise data to a vast array of client tools and applications running anywhere in your environment.

  • Enables bi-directional DMS and PCIOS data replication, application porting and migration to other environments such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL-Server and IBI EDA Server, via industry-standard SQL/ODBC tools, quickly and securely.

Whether embarking upon a full port of your legacy applications or support of a data warehouse, InterPlex SQL's relational database tool set will assist and advance your organization's modernization initiatives. Support for your organization's efforts with little disruption to existing OS2200 applications or databases supplies a major advantage over other methods. The integration of new and legacy systems using these interfaces offers the unparalleled ability to rapidly, quickly, and inexpensively bring applications on line.


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