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Open Access to Legacy Data

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About McConnell & Associates, Inc.

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McConnell & Associates, established in 1982, is a privately held Georgia Corporation, which provides software products and technical services to the Unisys mainframe and Linux marketplace.

Our mission is to support Open Connectivity in the Unisys mainframe world. Our product line includes gateways and bridges that provide this transparent connectivity.  Our emphasis is in providing large Unisys installations with cost effective and non-disruptive co-existence solutions utilizing Linux, UNIX and/or LAN based architectures

Our technical staff is comprised of senior level software engineers who are experienced in communications, transaction processing and database products, and are able to provide very rapid startup services to get our software deployed and your application environment enabled, as well as your staff trained, very quickly.

We also offer professional consulting, custom features, and training to assist you in migration and co-existence strategies to integrate new technologies into your existing mainframe platforms.  

How do we work?

Typically, when we first talk we will profile your application requirement in depth at a high level, starting from the end result you wish to achieve, then identifying the data elements and various network and server considerations.

Then we will profile for you a conceptual solution connectivity and data access and movement your application environment requires.  We may profile several different ways to achieve the objective and discuss with you the considerations.

Next, with the requirements and solution conceptualized, and the feasibility verified, if warranted we can participate with you in a "proof of concept" or demonstration of the functionality, using demo data and working within the information infrastructure in place.   We then provide you a custom proposal documenting a Solution Statement that details what needs to be accomplished and how we propose to accomplish it.

Finally, we plan and execute a deployment, usually a non-disruptive and rapid deployment is desired.  Our engineers come to your site and plan the software installation and discuss parameters and requirements with all the pertinent staff, install the software, train the users, and help set up the initial SQL management environment via our GUI Administrator tool that can be used as a sample and basis for further evolution.   We support you 24 by 7 with very personal, hands on, very responsive support for the life of the project.


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