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Open Access to Legacy Data

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  Reach Your Goals With InterPlex SQL

The ability to access your Unisys data sources along with the capability to implement business rules provides new ways to expose enterprise information for transaction processing, managerial reporting and organizational decision-making.

City Scape

McConnell & Associates, established in 1982 and  based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides software products and technical services to the Unisys mainframe marketplace.

Mission Statement

We are committed to enabling Open Connectivity in the Unisys ClearPath 2200 world, by supplying database gateways and communication bridges. Organizations using Unisys mainframes can benefit from the InterPlex SQL solution which opens Unisys data sources to the enterprise and bridges the gap between legacy and open client/server applications.

Our flagship solution set, InterPlex SQL is a relational database tool set, residing on the Unisys mainframe in front of the DMS and PCIOS data sources, that provides SQL access to or from the enterprise users and applications, thus enabling a variety of key business activities.

We also supply consulting and contract programming services to companies that utilize Unisys, Linux and all varieties of Unix. From Unisys DMS, COBOL, C and network programming to Linux/Unix C, Java, TCP/IP and other needs, the coexistence of heterogeneous platforms is a goal we can assist your company in obtaining.

What Is InterPlex SQL?

  • Provides SQL relational access to Unisys DMS and PCIOS data sources enabling transparent interoperability with SQL/ODBC clients and applications within the enterprise.  

  • Allows web-enabling Unisys OS 2200 data via any ODBC compliant web development tool for intranet/internet applications, quickly and simply via GUI based selections.  

  • Enables DMS and PCIOS data replication, application porting and migration to other environments such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL-Server, via industry-standard SQL/ODBC tools, quickly and securely.   

  • Using standard desktop tools,  such as Access or Excel, your users can have immediate access to Unisys mainframe data for queries or reporting, without mainframe programming.  

  • Connect quickly and efficiently Unisys data sources to Information Builder's iWay EDA Server, WebFocus and Oracle databases, among many others, without programming. 


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